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Some advertising text examples that you can use.

Team Sport Competition…
      Fast Paced Recreation…
            Broad Based Mass Appeal…
                        A Unique Opportunity…

WhirlyBall™ fills the need for exciting, competitive, inexpensive recreation targeted to an ever increasing market. The trend was set in the late 70’s and early 80’s; more and more people are spending their leisure time dollars closer to home. With fewer two week or more vacations, shortened travel schedules and more disposable dollars in the local market place, local recreation is a must. Movie box office receipts are climbing, home video and cable TV sales are soaring and every organized amateur sport is experiencing tremendous growth! WhirlyBall™ offers a unique form of organized team recreation/competition!

WhirlyBall™ has become the party of choice. You will hear over and over. That was the best party ever. Corporate outings, team building events, students, scouts, civic and church groups can enjoy a party experience they will never forget.

WhirlyBall™ is fun for everyone!


WhirlyBall™ looks to a future of growth and continued success. Development of the game of WhirlyBall™ is the cornerstone of WhirlyBall’s™ future. Now to talk about it is one thing, to experience WhirlyBall™ is something else. It’s very rare in the amusement industry when you find something that is truly unique. It is even more refreshing when that experience gives the participant the desired advantage of individual control.

We live in a mechanized age. It doesn’t take extensive research to come to the realization that people love machinery and they love to be in control of it. When ever you can couple that with the skill of a sport you have got a winner and that’s exactly what WhirlyBall™ is, a WINNER!

WhirlyBall™ is the only totally mechanized team sport in the world and one of the few sports where a group of average people with no prior athletic ability can sharpen their skills and compete. Whether it’s a corporate outing, or the International Grand Championship, everyone wants to win!

WhirlyBall™ Fever…They’ll Love it!

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