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Whirlyball: Best Sports Hybrid
Since Basketball

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Engineer follows entrepreneurial dream
with Marietta fun center

A child trapped in an adult's body, Jimmy, 43, has succumbed to the siren song of entrepreneurship. He craved his own business — one that must entertain himself and others, generate revenue, be offbeat.Read more...

Conduct unbecoming a cubicle

Bowling night is always fun, and there's nothing wrong with a game of darts, but credit department managers at Zebra Technologies have found a new way to build office camaraderie: WhirlyBall.Read more...

A whirl of fun Seattle Post

For the past five years, Pete Brown has had a date with his family on the first Sunday of every month in the fall and winter. His large, extended family and a few friends—20 people in all—gather to play WhirlyBall. Read more...

Bumper-to-Bumper Fun

On Court One, the Untouchables are just that. Hunched over in their bumper cars, they glide by their opponents and whiz toward the basket at Whirly Ball West. Though they trail by one point with 40 seconds left in the Monday night league game, they are in the driver’s seat. Read more...

Sports fans give new indoor game a Whirl

When the president of my ski club suggested at our meeting that we play an hour of WhirlyBall, I had the same initial reaction as everyone else: “Don’t you mean Wallyball?” When she insisted she had pro­nounced the word correctly, my second reaction was: “What is it?” No one will have to ask that question Read more...

What in the Whirl?

It’s not as fast as jai-alai or as dangerous as racing at Indianapolis or as precise as professional basketball. But grown men and women are going wacky over a game billed as a combination of all three. Every day they go,

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Whirly Ball Buzzwords

Whirlic: is a score in WhirlyBall™ = 2 points.

Power Shot: Comparable to a lay-up in Basketball.

Scooping: Hitting an opponent scoop while going for the ball. In league play, a two point penalty.

Roll-Off: While contacting an opponent’s bumper, player does a 360 degree roll-off turn and continues momentum.

Wall Bouncing: Running into the wall and spinning around to advance yourself or lose and opponent.

Bounce Passing: Bouncing the ball off the floor while passing it to a teammate.

The Back Door: The area to the side of the key where people frequently lurk to make a quick move to the target.