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News Flash!...Last night before a capacity crowd at the WhirlyBall™ arena speedster Rod Jamison of the Wasatch Mountain Boys scored his 30th consecutive “Whirlic” in a hard fought battle against the Salt Lake Electro’s. The winning score came in the closing seconds of play when Jamison out maneuvered big Bill Morris to drive home a perfect straight on “Power-Shot”. The final score was the Salt Lake Electro’s 22 the Wasatch Mountain Boys 24.

If this fictional sports rap up doesn’t sound familiar to you now it will soon, because WhirlyBall™ the newest and zaniest sport to come along in years is soon to enter your area. WhirlyBall™, dubbed “The world’s only totally mechanized team sport” is best described as a combination of Basketball, Hockey, & jai-alai played while riding an electrically powere machine called a WhirlyBug™. The WhirlyBug™ resembles in looks a bumper car; however it is a very different machine. It is built different, powered different, and steered different. The comparison to a bumper car although understandable should not be made. The technology behind the WhirlyBug™ and the game sport WhirlyBall™ is very unique. So unique in fact that the sport has been patented.

WhirlyBall™ is an experience unlike any other. There is absolute magic that happens when you put someone in control of a piece of machinery and couple that with the skill of a sport. This magic explains the success being experienced by WhirlyBall™ center owners across the nation. At present there are 34 courts in the U.S. and Canada with several courts opening this year.

WhirlyBall™ is a team sport, it is a group activity. A playing court is approximately 4000 Sq. Ft. and there are 10 WhirlyBug™ machines on the playing court at one time, five red and five yellow. In one hand the player has a Jai-Alai style plastic scoop and in the other hand a steering crank. We play with a softball size waffle ball. There are vertically hung back boards with sophisticated targets, equipped with buzzers and flashing lights to notify the umpire that the score has been made. If it wasn’t enough of a kick to simply drive the WhirlyBug™ machine and pass and catch the waffle ball in the Jai-Alai style scoop, there is the added dimension of having a play by play commentary of the game by the umpire over a P.A. system for you and the spectators to hear while playing. This gives you the illusion of participating in a spectator sport, which is an experience most of us never get. At present, most of the court time in a typical WhirlyBall™ center is booked by parties from corporations, civic groups, church, and families etc… with the majority coming from corporations. There are also organized leagues, each year international tournaments are held. In recent past the international’s were televised on ESPN. WhirlyBall™ had been featured in such publications as U.S.A today, Car and Driver magazine, People magazine; Rolling Stone magazine and T.V. Guide just to name a few. It has been televised on ESPN, P.M. magazine and Good Morning America. Much more information is available: we would love to talk directly with you or your interested party to answer any questions you might have.

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